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Experienced, approachable, creative, genuine, reliable, fun – just some of the characteristics of our fabulous team.

Omar Hamdi

CEO & Founder

Omar has British Academy Award winning experience in TV, radio and writing

Prof. Sid Mohasseb


Prof. Sid was KPMG’s former national leader for Strategic Innovation in the United States.

Kevin Harrington


Kevin is an Original Shark on TV show Shark Tank and best-selling author. Kevin now sits on the board of directors for multiple companies and has created over $10 billion in value.

Brandon T. Adams


Brandon T. Adams is an Emmy® Award-Winning Producer, and specializes in enhancing brand growth and influence through innovative storytelling, digital media, and targeted advisory for both emerging and established businesses.

Helen Croydon

Advisor (PR Strategy)

A best-selling author and journalist, Helen has written for every major national UK newspaper and spent a decade as a news producer for ITN.

Marc Hivert

PR Consultant

Sarah Davey

PR Consultant

Declan Batchelor

PR Consultant

Christopher Barton

PR Consultant

Georgia France

PR Consultant

Mark Tabera

PR consultant

Brianna Vermaak

PR Consultant

Robel Berhane

PR consultant

David Williams

Content Strategist

Courtney Doonan

Content Strategist

Isabella Bowdre

Content Creator

Shane Jordan

Media Researcher

Michelle Richards

Media Researcher

Johnlee Cummins

Client Relationship Manager

Tori Oliver

Client Relationship Advisor


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